Choosing a good nursing and rehabilitation center for a loved one or yourself is never an easy task. Because you are in a delicate situation when such services are required, it will take much research and consideration before settling on and committing to any one facility. You want to ensure that you or your elderly family member are going to be well cared for and get the treatment they so desperately need, whether there is the situation of an injury, a history of stroke, Alzheimer’s or some other serious condition. You should know exactly what to look for when seeking the right facility of this sort.

Above all else, a nursing and rehabilitation center should always include all services that are pertinent to seniors and the typical conditions they may deal with, and at the same time, the facilities should be clean, well lit, and adequately staffed. An elderly person may be at a center because they have recently fallen and broken a hip, which would require rehab and various types of physical therapy so that they can not only heal but stand and walk as they did before, whether they will need the assistance of a walker or a cane.Bridgeway

There should be staff who are trained and licensed in physical therapy. Since older individuals may not necessarily see as well as younger persons, there should also always be plenty of light in the rooms, hallways, rehabilitation rooms, elevators, restrooms and anywhere else. A good tour of a nursing and rehabilitation center will show you the physical layout of the facility, and you can speak with the director or other person in charge prior to checking yourself or your loved one in. It can even be a good idea to speak with some of the patients to get their honest impressions of the place. You should also find out what type of insurance the facility accepts, and maybe even sample the food to make sure it is fresh and nutritious. If the person who is going to be checked into the facility will require relatively long term care, such as for months or even years, you may also want to check whether there is a beautician or barber on the staff. Physical appearance and hygiene are as essential as proper medical care and is conducive to better health.