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It is the ultimate user of the website who decides and gives a verdict about the effectiveness of Web Design in a way as they say the “Beauty lies in the eyes of the looker/beholder”. A contribution to the verdict about the design comes from many factors like the ease in usage and User friendliness etc. Not merely on the basis of the way how it looks but also the Word Design. The word Design does not merely refer to what and how it looks and feel likes but also how the same response and reciprocate while using.

It is pertinent to mention that a website not appropriately designed are neither optimized by Google and other search engines nor they attract Traffic to the site owing to poor design and acceptance among the users. Let’s talk about the factors which decide and give the fate of the Website as per its design and effectiveness of the web design such as Ease of Usage, Level of Engagement and Effectiveness.

1. Objective and the purpose of the Web Design
The well-designed website is the result of understanding and meeting with the needs and wants of the user. The website so designed should always be able to communicate the candid objective and customized solutions as per the feedback provided by the customers/users.

2. The well-defined way of Communication
Nowadays being in digital era people seek information without any delay through the internet. it becomes more imperative to mention information clearly and candidly and in the form which is easy to be understood. There are some smart strategies to be adopted like usage of points, sub-points, bullet points etc.

3. Usage of Pictures
It is said that a picture is equivalent to thousands of words. The right picture chooses to position and target the right audience. In case the right quality photos are not available one should always seek it from professionals so as to give the website the right elegant look that not only looks amazing but also target the Amazing Target audience too.

4. The Usage of Proper Font
There are some fonts which are easier and soothes eyes while reading online contents and provides decorative looks at the same time. Also, the size of the Font is of absolute importance

5. Colour Scheme
The color scheme chosen should not be too dark and bright unless and until the design requires and at the same time should not be too light. The content colors as per the background compliment and eases the reading. On the other side, the vibrant colors provide emotions and they should always be used sparingly e.g.Call to Action and Buttons Plug-ins etc.

6. Compatibility with Mobile Devices
Nowadays it becomes all the more important and imperative to have a website design which is compatible with the Mobile Devices like Mobile Phones and iPad/Tablets wherein the screen sizes are different. The website is of Paramount importance to be built as dedicated and separate Mobile site or calibrated and optimized in a layout responsive to Mobile devices.

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7. Synching with the Study Outcomes and Patterns
There have been a plethora of studies that suggest eyes tracking pattern. It has been found and concluded by the studies that the eyes tracking as pattern “F”. Usually the eyes movements are observed to have eyes pattern from the beginning I.e. top and then to the left side of the screen. It rarely happens that right side of the screen is scanned by our eyes. So the wise web designer will always try to design the site in such a way which is syncing with the study outcomes and patterns and doesn’t pressurize and assume that the viewer will display a different pattern or opposite to the studies to make the web design effective and attractive.

8. Content Loading Duration
The website which takes a huge time or requires the fastest internet to upload the page is never preferred. In fact, it is hated by the users. The website should be designed in a way which uses the optimum size of the pictures or images, the codes are combined in JavaScript and minimising the HTML to decrease the upload time and provide with the Intensity of the user to use the website.

9. Optimum Layout
The layout has to be arranged in the Grid Layout base as randomly placing the content on any of the web page or website makes it already haphazard and gives clumsy looks. The Grid Layout Base supports in the arrangements of boxes, sections, and columns. Which in turn appears to be Normal, Balanced and eye-catching.

10. Website Navigation and Mapping
The Navigation is nothing but the ease of use while surfing the web content by the user. The arrangements of page design and content, Buttons, in a logical hierarchy of the content. Last but not the least the principal of “Three Clicks” i.e. The user should be able to access the information sought within three clicks so as to make it effective.