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Social Security Number or SSN which in recent years has become a de-facto national identification number,is issued by Social Security Administration of U.S.Federal Government. It is a 9-digit number issued to citizens, permanent resident, temporary residents under section 205(c)(2) of the Social Security Act. Though it was primarily used to track individuals for taxation purposes, but now its significance and necessity can be seen in almost every work we do. how to verify government id couchsurfing 

What does SSN constitute?

Originally, SSN were issued by Federal Government to its citizens so as to be used for Social security programs. But, now it has transitioned into a record-keeping number for each and every person using it.

It contains information on:

employee files

medical records

health insurance accounts

credit and banking accounts

university ID cards

residency history

criminal records(if any) and many more.

Importance of SSN verification :

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SSN which was started with the prime objective to serve as an identification number in social programs. It has now become an essential part of a comprehensive verification process very much regarded by business houses, firms etc. Owing to its acceptance as a valid identification document, it is also susceptible to the problem of identity theft.

SSN are vulnerable to identity thefts because of absence of any kind of biometric identifiers. This deficiency makes the SSN loose its credibility as the most reliable identification document. However, a proper verification of SSN through some reliable agency can only ensure you the authenticity of the person holding the Social Security Number. They can provide you instant verification with an up-to-date information on applicant’s address history and any aliases previously used.

This verification procedure serves as an effective filtering method to screen the candidates, since it can also help in searching for criminal records, if the applicant has had any. Merely having a social security number does not solve your problem to screen a candidates, it is just half of the work done. A properly structured verification of the SSN will do the rest.