If you have a nice restaurant that customers are happy with, chances are you will get requests for them to host parties at your establishment. There are all types of events that they may want to have there including bridal showers, baby showers, family gatherings, birthday parties, and work parties.

It isn’t going to take you long to figure out that allowing your restaurant to be used for parties is a great way to get people in the door and to increase profitability. It is a great way for new people to be exposed to your restaurant. This is your chance to give them a great experience. If that happens, they will likely come back with other people to dine in your restaurant. They may also decide to host their next party at your restaurant as well.
It is best if those attending a party at your restaurant are able to have a private area. This way they won’t be disturbing others that are dining in the establishment at the same time. You may have a banquet room available for them to use or a sliding door that can section off a portion of the restaurant for their use. Make sure you have some guidelines in place for the use of the restaurant for the party rooms near me.
Are you going to charge them a fee for using the facility? Many restaurants don’t do this because they are going to make money from the guests eating there. Are you going to allow them to decorate for the event? If so, make sure they understand that they are also required to remove the decorations afterwards. You will need them to let you know how many people will be attending the party as well so you can have the staff on hand to accommodate them.
It is very important that you have extra staff on hand when there are parties taking place. Have some of them dedicated to serving them and preparing the meals for them. This way the other staff can still take care of the needs of your regular customers. You certainly don’t want their dining experience to be less than it should be just because you have a party taking place on site.
The bookings for the parties is very important as well. Make sure you have a reliable person or yourself taking care of all the details. If the person taking care of it isn’t in, have the other employees provide them with contact information. There are too many issues that can happen if you let everyone start making such arrangements for parties. Some of them may not get written down accurately, and others many not get written down at all.
Make sure you obtain as much information from the individual as well. You will want to get their name, information on the type of party they plan to host, how many people will be coming with them, and the times they will want the room in your restaurant for the party. Don’t schedule too many of them around the same time though as you need to accommodate for time to clean up and then for the next party to get set up.